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Welcome to PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri, one of the largest box suppliers in Indonesia.

PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri, a leading box supplier in these parts of the world, welcomes you to a comprehensive service that can meet your needs. As being one of the old guns in the industry, we realize that each and every client has unique demands, whether it’s a large store in downtown Jakarta or a local restaurant somewhere in Pontianak. Our hands-on approach to customer service helps us provide carton boxes and other types of boxes for our clients.

Our extensive range of boxes can suit all your needs and requirements.
Having worked with over hundreds of clients, we are now perfectly placed to help protect your products, assets, or items with a wide range of boxes, including:

  • Carton box

  • Box Packaging

  • Shipping box

  • Document storage box

  • Corrugated box

Why ASM?

Variety to Choose From
Our comprehensive range of boxes is available in all sizes and shapes to cater to the demands of our clients. If you want to export products, we can offer heavy duty shipping boxes. If you want to send someone you love a gift, our carton box will make sure that your present reaches its recipient safely.

Compliance to Industry and Export Regulations
We at PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri gear our services towards providing what the client wants. We have worked with clients who have to adhere to strict regulations and compliance when it comes to packaging and material quality of carton box and other types of box. This helps us ensure that the boxes reach their destination with all the products and items intact.

A Trusted Name in the Industry
When it comes to packaging, we are the leaders in Indonesia and slowly becoming a household name across Southeast Asia. We take pride in establishing long term and lucrative relationships with our clients to meet their needs and comply with their industries. We have dealt with all types of product packaging, ranging from cosmetics and toys, to apparel and sports equipment, and even hazardous goods and electronics.

With our experience, we can provide you consultancy on what types of boxes are best suited for your business or individual needs. We can handle your orders, regardless of the volume, from just a phone call. For all your packaging and box needs, we are your one stop solution!

Call us today at +62-21-557-99088 or +62-812-8190-2488 and place your order now.

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Company Warehouse
Rotary Corrugated Carton Machine

Our Products

Food Packaging

Pizza boxes, fruit boxes, cake boxes, etc.

Box Packaging

Moving house boxes, moving office boxes, present boxes, packaging boxes, overseas logistic boxes, boxes to keep your commodities in the right place, etc.