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When it comes to procuring the best quality corrugated shippers for their products, manufacturers of white goods in Indonesia turn to us for the best packaging solutions. Our customers recognize us more as “specialists” rather than “suppliers” of packaging material. Owing to our excellent quality and professional management, we have emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of TV Carton Box in Indonesia. Over the years, our customer’s faith in our products and services has culminated into a long list of clientele that manufactures white goods like Television sets, Refrigerators, Food Processors and Air conditioners etc.

Unlike the usual corrugated shippers, manufacturing tertiary packaging for white goods demands utmost care throughout the procurement and production process. We ensure that the corrugated boxes for flat Television sets and refrigerators etc. maintain high bursting strength and good edge crush resistance to prevent them from getting damaged during logistics and thorough the supply chain. We achieve this by procuring and using the correct gsm of kraft papers with higher burst factors. We purchase the best quality kraft papers made from 100% recyclable virgin fibers.

Our state of the art paper corrugation plant is capable producing high quality 3 ply, 5 ply and 7 ply boxes. Manufacturing heavy duty Television boxes or refrigerator boxes demands a combination of various types of corrugated fluting. In order to meet this requirement, we have installed machines capable of producing A, B, C and E fluting and our expert box designers use a combination of various fluting to impart good strength to the boxes.

We understand that the finishing and the aesthetics of our boxes will create the first impression in the minds of the end buyer. The color shade of kraft paper as well as the finishing plays an important role in beautifying the box and we ensure that each TV Carton Box being manufactured in our facility meets the quality and aesthetic standards.

As a part of reverse integrating all production facilities under a single roof, we have installed flexo printing machines for printing single color and spot colors on corrugated boxes. Additionally, our offset printing machines are capable of printing four color CMYK and pantone shades. For customers who require their shipping boxes with waterproofing properties, we offer film lamination facility under the same roof.

We offer a range of corrugated boxes in various dimensions and our customers have the liberty to get them modified as per their specific requirements. The fabrication process is done under the supervision of expert quality control team and this ensures that are boxes are capable of enduring harsh weather conditions / handling conditions. Our squad of professional employees has the requisite qualifications and a wide experience in carton box manufacturing industry. They maintain a one to one touch with our esteemed customers and deliver products as per the specifications and instructions provided by the customers.


We would be glad to cater to offer you our range of corrugated boxes at the most competitive prices. Please feel free to call on any of the numbers given on our website and our customer services executive will attend to your requirement promptly.

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