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Shoe Box

Nowadays, shoes are not only for our needs but also contribute as a fashion. If you are a shoes manufacturer and need a shoe box with unique design, strong and want to impress your prospective customers to buy your shoes, you are welcomed to the expert of shoe boxes producer.


In order to keep and store the shoes neatly, we offer our shoe boxes product which are great for presenting your shoes and boots. Available in various colors and sizes, our customer can choose their own shoe box or even request for the customized one.

Kardus Sepatu Biru
Kotak Sepatu Kelme
Kotak Sepatu TNI
Kardus Sepatu Custom

Our shoe boxes are uniquely designed hence there is no need to put any glue or tape in order to fold the shoe boxes. We also offer many choices of materials such as the lightweight cardboard shoe boxes and the strong corrugated cardboard shoe boxes for storing your shoes. We guarantee our products are high quality with the special material to satisfy your needs.


We also offer various range of wardrobe boxes, besides the shoe boxes, such as tie boxes and wedding dress boxes. Our wardrobe boxes are custom made, hence our clients will be able to request the size, type or material depending on their needs. Other than the packaging itself, our service extend to the designing of the wardrobe boxes. We are more than happy to help you through the details and design of your shoe box request.

For your reference, we already have several portfolios of some works done for our previous clients. You can browse the previous projects in our website to find more inspiration for your product. Please feel free to drop us an email or call +62-21-557-99088 regarding your shoe box or wardrobe box ideas. We would be pleased to help you realizing your dream shoe box and be your trusted business partner.

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