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Preserve your memories or your confidential documents with our boxes.

Handling a plethora of documents is never easy, especially when it’s a mix of different files, papers, registers, and what not. We’re not just talking about documents from your school or workplace, we’re talking about everything.

This includes your personal memories with the people in your life, confidential and potentially at risk company files, and all legal and government documentation that you need to live legally. For that, you need a set of boxes that can help you get organized.

At PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri, we offer document storage boxes in Indonesia that can help you preserve your memories and keep your documents organized. We are the leading box and packaging supplier in Indonesia, and with our solutions, you will never feel the need to look else where ever again.


PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri is the first name that comes to mind when you talk about document storage box in Indonesia. Why? It’s because over the years, we have developed an extensive and impressive portfolio of clients from major industries in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. We now have a wide range of document storage boxes that are available in different types, including:

  • A3 storage box

  • File storage box

  • Paper storage box

  • Stationary box

  • Archival storage box

As you can see, our comprehensive range of document storage boxes has everything you need to get organized and start preserving your important files and notes. With our industry best solutions, we can help design custom made storage boxes that best meet your requirements. If you want storage boxes for some sweet memories with your friends, family, and significant others, then you can also choose from a wide range of colors and labels to make your memory storage boxes more presentable.

Browse through our product catalogue and start ordering now!


When it comes to solutions in packaging and storing, especially documents, files, pictures, notes, and papers, PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri is your number one solution. With our technical expertise in box production, we can produce document storage boxes that are not only durable, but affordable as well.



Handling a lot of documents has never been easy, truth be told, but with our range, you can easily find the best boxes that suit your needs. Whether you want to order one or multiple boxes, we are always here for you!

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