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Fruit Box

As one of the top manufacturer and supplier of packaging to the fresh produce market, we have been developing sustainable packaging solutions for fresh produce growers in Indonesia. Our expertise in the segment of fruit cartons manufacturing guarantees that growers, packers and retailers get packaging solutions that exceed their expectation on quality and pricing. Our customers consider us more as a responsible partner who knows the techniques of developing sustainable packaging inside-out. We are the masters of branding whose solutions ensure speedy deliveries of the most perishable produce with optimum protection under the most adverse conditions.



We specialize in mechanical as well as manually erectable trays and cartons using solid board or Kraft paper corrugated material. Owing to the highest quality of Kraft paper used in the production, our fruit cartons display an excellent load bearing capacity and ensure enhanced protection of the fresh produce in transit. We have state of the art manufacturing lines to produce 3ply, 5ply and 7ply fruit cartons. Our customers can benefit by getting their products branded so that they stand apart on the market shelves and invite customer attention. Additionally, we can cater to their requirements of bespoke (custom-made) designs.

Fresh Produce Trays

Green Apples

We manufacture fresh produce trays from kraft corrugated material. These trays are manufactured to tolerate the load exerted due to higher stacking. They also benefit by enhancing the stability of loads. This ensures minimal damage to fruits and vegetables during transit. The fluctuation in the humidity levels is one of the major problems that adversely affect the quality of fruits and vegetables during storage and in transit. So, our design team has developed tray designs that ensure good ventilation and thus longer shelf life of fresh produce during all stages of the supply chain. We offer standard footprint sizes with various flute combinations and can also manufacture trays to suit the height of a particular product. We encourage our customers to get their products branded, as this helps them to differentiate their products at the point of purchase. What’s more? Our products are manufactured from 100% recyclable and renewable resources and we always procure high quality food grade Kraft paper directly from paper mills. Using recyclable materials ensures substantial reduction in carbon emissions owing to improved vehicle utilization.

We emphasize on the following technical aspects while designing cartons and trays for fruits and vegetables…

  • Ensure that the shades of Kraft paper / Duplex boards are as per the specifications issued by our customers.

  • We study the load bearing capacity demanded during the supply chain and select the right combination of fluting to be employed.

  • We ensure that the cartons and trays bear good bursting strength and edge crush as these are the most important factors that protect the fresh produce during the entire supply chain.

  • Our designs are targeted towards making our products easy to handle and such that they can be stored in folded forms.

  • Our array of packaging products is huge and our experienced customer services and marketing would welcome an opportunity to deliver an in-depth presentation. Please feel free to call/mail us and expect our team to guide you through an all easy process of selecting the perfect cartons for your fresh produce!

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