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High Quality PACKING BOXES to Protect Your Products!

Whether you want to keep your old things stored conveniently or ship products safely, packaging plays an important role in both. Packaging however, has less to do with how you store or pack and more to do with what you use to store and pack. Proper packaging supplies play a crucial role in making sure that your products and things remain protected at home or when shipping.


At PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri, we provide high end secure packing boxes in Indonesia to individuals as well as businesses.  As being the leading manufacturer and distributor of packaging supplies, we bring scalability and convenience with our cost effective packing carton boxes in Indonesia.

Browse through our impressive packing box collection.

At PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri, we take pride in implementing best practices when it comes to packaging and supplies. We have the most extensive range of packing boxes in Indonesia and provide solutions all across Southeast Asia.


As a business with years of experience in the industry, we realize that customers can have unique demands. This is why we provide custom made secure packing boxes in Indonesia that are designed specifically to your needs. What gives us competitive advantage is that we allow you to choose the materials used, the dimensions, the shape, the style, and the decorations on your boxes!

All types of packing boxes available

The importance of good packaging in logistics cannot be understated. At PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri, we specialize in providing packing boxes and carton packaging for all types of products.


Our boxes and cartons are manufactured using high grades materials to ensure durability overtime. Our comprehensive range of packing boxes and cartons includes (but not limited to):

  • TV Cartons

  • Cigarette Boxes

  • Moving Boxes/ Cartons

  • Shipping Boxes/ Cartons

  • Bike Boxes

  • Product Boxes

  • Book Packaging

  • Storage Boxes

  • Document Boxes

  • Fragile Goods Boxes/ Cartons

  • Customized Boxes/ Cartons

As you can see, our collection of carton box packaging features all boxes and cartons for all types of products. Whether you are moving to a new home or office, shipping products locally or abroad or just looking for boxes that can keep your obsolete stuff safe and protected, we have it all!

Packing boxes for all your needs


Whether you are looking for carton containers, carton packaging, or any type of packing boxes, we have it all. If you are not sure about what you want, you can always call us for free consultation anytime.


Browse through our comprehensive range of packing boxes in Indonesia and get ready to be impressed. If you are looking for packing boxes or cartons in bulk, then place your order beforehand to get discounts. At PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri, we are always working to improve customer experience. Whatever your need for packing supplies is, just give us a call and we will deliver you high quality packing boxes at affordable rates!

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