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How to Order?

  1. Choose your corrugated carton base:​

    • Single Wall​ (E or B or C)

    • Double Wall (CB)

    • Triple Wall (CBB Flute)

    • Corrugated Partitions

    • Paper Pallet

    • Corrugated Carton Sheets

    • Paper Corners

  2. Choose your paper material:

    • Kraft Paper​ (brown)

    • White Kraft Paper (white)

    • Medium Paper (grey)

  3. Choose your carton paper strength:

    • Kraft Paper: 110GSM, 125GSM, 135GSM, 150GSM, 200GSM, 275GSM​

    • White Kraft Paper: 150GSM, 200GSM

    • Medium Paper: 100GSM, 125GSM, 135GSM, 150GSM

Get corrugated boxes from us at rates you have to see to believe!


Corrugated boxes are easily found everywhere you go; from your local grocery store, your office, your favorite dine-in, and even your home, everywhere. Corrugated boxes are known for their usability as you can keep multiple items and products in them. There are also corrugated carton boxes to help you store similar products and items, and there are corrugated boxes for fragile items as well. If you are looking to relocate, keep your old things in a box, or want to give some of your old clothes and things to the poor, then a corrugated box is the first thing that comes to mind.

And what is the next thing that comes to mind when you think of corrugated boxes in Indonesia? PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri of course, the leading box and packaging supplier in Indonesia and one of the fastest growing companies in Southeast Asia!

Our product catalogue features cost effective and strong corrugated boxes.

At PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri, we have every type of box for everyone. Corrugated boxes, or multipurpose boxes as they are popularly known, can meet your requirements to have a box that can store just about anything. So what makes us any different from all other box and packaging supplies companies? Well, our product catalogue is by far the most comprehensive when it comes to corrugated boxes, and includes:

  • Regular slotted corrugated carton

  • Half slotted corrugated carton

  • Full overlap slotted corrugated box

  • One piece folder corrugated box

  • Die cut paper corrugated box

  • Partition corrugated box

  • Corrugated special boxes

  • Custom corrugated box

This is a small sample of what we have in store for you when it comes to corrugated boxes. With our expertise, we are able to produce highly durable corrugated boxes with quality materials. This enables us to provide our clients with quality corrugated boxes that are also cost effective!

Browse through our impressive range and place your order right now!

At PT. Anugrah Sentosa Mandiri, we believe in building long term relationships with our clients, whether they are businesses or individuals. Our multipurpose boxes come in all shapes and sizes, and some even have partitions to help you store similar products separately without having to order additional boxes.

If you believe you can’t find what you’re looking for in our catalogue, then simply call us, give us your details, and we will start making custom corrugated boxes in no time!

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